On Writing: How I Got The Idea For My Book

Screenshot 2014-03-06 09.12.16
This is how I got the idea for my book:
It was a hot day in the Nevada desert and the sun was beating down. I was tired and thirsty so I ducked back to our camp for a quiet drink and some time alone. As I lounged on the sofa of the RV, though, an idea hit me suddenly. An entire book outline. Every chapter suddenly crystal clear. I scrambled to grab my notebook and pen and wrote it down in detail.
Ten minutes later, the rest of our team came back to take a pause for themselves and I told them the idea which had just come to me. Rick, who was leading our team and has been needling me to write a book for some years now, looked straight at me and said “that book needs to be written, and you would be perfect to write it”.
It’s always nice to have that kind of affirmation from others you trust.
And so – in the course of just a few minutes at the Burning Man festival – began the idea which now looks set to be published by InterVarsity Press early 2016.

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