Book: Campus Lights

Campus Lights is available from most online book retailers, including Book Depository. You can also read more about it below:

cover“A meeting in a restaurant in Eastern Europe is suddenly interrupted by secret police. Public artworks are installed in a Guatemalan town, boldly confronting the injustice perpetrated by gangs and government. A new ministry is born in the Solomon Islands where none existed before.

All this is the work of students, young people the very age the disciples were when Jesus entrusted his ministry to them. Drawing together incredible stories from every region of the globe – from North America to Romania, from movements with official recognition, to those persecuted to the point of being driven underground – campus lights bears witness to the way that student mission is flourishing around the world today. In his journalistic, engaging style, Luke Cawley recounts how students are taking risks to share their faith, continuing the legacy of Jesus’ young disciples as they went out into the world and changed nations.

Far more than a book on student mission, campus lights will inspire all leaders, encouraging them to take risks for the kingdom in their own context, and showing how students and young people can be catalysts for change in our world.

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