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speakingShoot me a message if you think I can be of help to you. Geography doesn’t matter. I regularly travel to speak, provide training, or give advice in a range of settings. I’d be happy to do the same for you. The UK, Eastern Europe and North America are my three most common destinations, though I am open to going anywhere. I am also able provide advice and coaching in person or from a distance. If you want to throw around some possibilities, drop me an email at

Also, if you wanted to connect while I’m in your area, these are a few of the locations I will be in over the coming months:

Republic of Moldova (October 2015)

France (early November 2015)

Ukraine (February 2016)

USA & Canada (March 2016)

United Kingdom (June & July 2016)

Indonesia (August 2016)

USA & Canada (second visit may be planned for 2016 and/or 2017, let me know if you are interested as the date is flexible right now)

Italy (November 2016)

Latvia (February 2017)

Netherlands (March 2017)

Germany (April 2017)

United Kingdom (June 2017)

USA & Canada (June & July 2017)

4 thoughts on “Invite Me

  1. Hi Luke. My name is Nick Peters. I run a Christian apologetics podcast called the Deeper Waters Podcast that I record usually from 3-5 PM EST every Saturday. I just finished reading your book on the myth of the non-Christian and I’m curious if you’d be willing to come on my show. My email is Let me know.

    In Christ,
    Nick Peters


  2. Dear Luke, I would like to request your help for my Preaching Christ in a Multi-Faith World course at Gordon-Conwell on Monday, July 31st sometime between 1-4pm Eastern Standard Time (USA) for about 30 minutes of Q&A with students via Skype or Zoom. Would you please email me if you’re interested? We are reading The Myth of the Non-Christian for the course.


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